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    Changes in magnetic properties of baked archaeological samples. Implications for palaeointensity determination
    Comment to a paper "The origin of high magnetic remanence in the fault pseudotachylites: Theoretical considerations and implication for coseismic electrical currents"
    Magnetic particles in atmospheric particulate matter collected at sites with different level of air pollution
    Magnetit a jeho postavení v paragenezích hydrotermálních žil příbramské rudní oblasti
    Mineralogy of the skarns of the Bohemian part of the Western and Central Krušné Hory Mountains
    Shock experiments in range of 10-45 GPa with small multidomain magnetite in porous targets
    Shock recovery experiments with artificially made magnetite pellets in the range of 10 to 45 GPa
    Strongly magnetic soil developed on a non-magnetic rock basement: A case study from NW Bulgaria