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    seismic tomography
    Global and regional scale modeling of dynamic processes in the Earth's mantle
    Effects of seismic anisotropy on P-velocity tomography of the Baltic Shield
    Images of lithospheric heterogeneities in the Armorican segment of the Hercynian Range in France
    Inversion of travel times obtained during active seismic refraction experiments CELEBRATION 2000, ALP 2002 and SUDETES 2003
    Resolution tests of global geodynamic models by travel-time tomography
    Seismic anisotropy and geodynamics of the lithosphere-asthenosphere system. Preface
    Three-dimensional crustal model of the Moravo-Silesian region obtained by seismic tomography
    Three-dimensional seismic velocity model of theWest Bohemia/Vogtland seismoactive region
    Upper mantle beneath the Eger Rift (Central Europe): plume or asthenosphere upwelling?
    Upper-mantle structure beneath the southern Bohemian Massif and its surroundings imaged by high-resolution tomography