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    7th Conference on Clay Mineralogy and Petrology, Karlovy Vary 1976
    Universita Karlova
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    Česká republika
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    Bentonic alteration of basalts in the České Středohoří Mts. (Bohemia)
    Clay minerals of some soils developed from magmatic and metamorphic rocks
    The dehydroxylation mechanism of clay minerals
    Dissolution of smectites in hydrochloric acid
    Fe3+ ion exchange reactions of clay minerals
    The geochemical role of boron in the Carboniferous sediments of Czechoslovakia
    Geology and mineralogy of Ti-kaolins in the Karlovy Vary area
    The influence of the hydration changes on the structure of vermiculites
    Iron in biotites and its Mössbauer spectroscopy
    Kaolinization of phylonitized granodiorite
    Mineralogičeskij i mikrostrukturnyj sostav očen´ tjaželych počv ČSSR
    Modelling of the theoretical X-ray diffraction patterns of the polytype structures of chlorite and vermiculite
    Pore-size distribution in high-temperature products of the reaction between kaolinite and aluminium hydroxide
    Potassium micas: A new scrutiny of phase chemistry and physical properties
    Soil clay fraction composition in relation to some soil properties
    Soil skeleton in Bohemia
    Thermal decomposition of kaolinite with additions of Mn, Fe, Ni and Co oxides
    Vermiculite in the soil profile at Nová Ves, South-Bohemia
    Zonal development of residual kaolin in the muscovite granite of the Smrčiny massif (Fichtgebirge)