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    10th Coal Geology Conference
    Opluštil, S.
    Pešek, J.
    Pešková, J.
    Charles University
    Faculty of Science, Charles University
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    Česká republika
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    Carboniferous Euselachiid sharks of the Czech Republic
    Controls on vegetation and hydrological history of the Upper Radnice Seam (Bolsovian) in the Kladno Coalfield
    Detritic coal composition - vegetation sources for the Bohemian Miocene coal basins
    Diversity and palaeoecology of Lycospora-producing arborescent Lycopsids and their spores from the Pennsylvanian of the Czech Republic
    Fertile fern fronds and their in situ spores from the Cenomanian of the Czech Republic
    geologic record of biogenic processes in fluviatile settings of semi-arid area (Carboniferous-Permian -; Krkonoše Piedmont Basin; Czech Republic
    Ichnofabric and trace fossils in the sedimentary fill of the Boskovice Basin (Carboniferous-Permian; Moravia, Czech Republic)
    The palaeoecology model of the river environment (Duckmantian) in the Intrasudetic Basin (Czech Republic)
    Paleoenvironmental changes at the Carboniferous-Permian boundary: sedimentary and paleontological record of the Boskovice Basin, Czech Republic
    Pecopterids of Czech and Canadian Basins (Pennsylvanian)