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    30th International Geological Congress, Beijing, China, 4-14 August 1996: abstracts - Volume 2
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    Contribution to the knowledge of deep-water (psychrospheric) ostracodes in Miocene sediments of the Paratethys
    Exhumation of the Saxonian Granulites in Germany
    Geochemistry and petrology of Cadomian and late Variscan granitoids at the northeastern border of Bohemian Massif (Central Europe)
    Geotectonic units of Czech Median Mass and their role in distribution of uranium mineralisation
    The karst of Central Bohemia, Czech Republic: new constraints from karst cavities
    New evidence for UHP metamorphism in the Bohemian Massif of the Central European Variscan
    Peridotite liquid trapped within foidite magma in the Železná hůrka quaternary volcano (Czech Republic)
    Pollen analysis of the Neogene clay sediments on NE border of the Vienna Basin in Western Carpathians
    Problems of deciphering basement tectonics by means of structural patterns regularity
    Role of organic matter in the formation of ore deposits - new results from the IGCP 357
    The Variscan orogen in Europe: HP-LT and LP-HT rock types but no paired metamorphic belts