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    32nd International Geological Congress, Florence, Italy, August 20-28, 2004 : abstracts
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    2-D velocity models of the upper crust in Western Bohemia from SUDETES 2003 seismic refraction experiment
    3-D monitoring of active tectonic structures in the Western Carpathians
    Acid mine drainage of the dumps at Ostrava - Karviná Coal District, Czech Republic
    ALP 2002 experiment - 2D raytracing modelling and seismic tomography of selected profiles
    Assessment of the geomechanical changes in the upper crust on the basic of laboratory tests of rock samples from the KSDB-3 borehole and their surface analogues
    Bipolarity in regular structural patterns
    Brine circulation in the Badenian evaporite basin of the northern Carpathian Foredeep: reconstruction from orientation of bottom-grown gypsum crystals
    Carbon, nitrogen and sulfur isotope profiles through peat bogs: environmental implications
    Chemical characterisation of impact glasses from Zhamanshin impact crater, Kazakhstan. Possible contamination of irghizites by extraterrestrial matter
    Complex, nature-friendly management of rock-fall risk in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park
    Constraining genesis and geotectonic setting of metavolcanic complexes: multidisciplinary case study from the Jeseniky Mts (NE Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic)
    Continental mantle lithosphere: mosaic of microplates constrained by consistent seismic anisotropy
    Contrasting rheologies of feldspar and quartz under natural thermal and strain gradients: a comparative study
    Cooling history of high-pressure granulites from Bohemian Massif derived from retrograde zoning in garnets
    Cultivating geoethical responsibility to future generations
    Deformation and seismic properties of crustal rocks
    Depositional environments of a drawdown evaporite basin recorded in the Badenian gypsum facies in northern Carpathian Foredeep
    Destruction of orthogneiss layered structure through partial melting and melt infiltration in high temperature shear zone: quantitative textural study of anatectic process
    Determination of correct time of quarry blasts and properties of surrounding rock for measurement on seismic profiles
    Determination of the continental litospheric thermal structure in the Western Carpathians: integrated modelling of surface heat flow, gravity anomalies and topography
    Developing geoethics as a new discipline
    The development of mid-crustal extensional shear zone during Cretaceous convergence of the Vepor Unit in the West Carpathians
    Differences in the lithospheric structure of the Bohemian Massif from teleseismic receiver functions
    Disposal of radioactive waste in rock caverns: situation in the Czech republic
    The effect of iron on the rheological and calorimetric properties of silicate melts
    The effects of S/L ratio on trace element mobilization from bentonite to wine
    Experimental results and mineralogy of the Pd-Sn-Te system
    Facies and depositional pattern of Badenian sulphate deposits in the Carpathian Foredeep, Poland
    Geoconservation in the Czech Republic
    Geodynamics in study and protection of archaeological monuments: Castle of Giants, Czech Republic, and Machu Picchu, Peru
    The geological map Lausitz-Jizera-Karkonosze (without cenozoic sediments), 1:100 000 - an example of German-Czech-Polish cooperation
    Hydraulic functions of the bi-modal soil porous systems
    Impact of Lower Cambrian black shales and exploited Mo-Ni black shale - hosted deposits on the trace element composition of soils and crop plants in the Zunyi Region, Guizhou Province, South China
    Implication of polyphase shear deformation and metamorphism along the Romanche Transform Fault for ocean floor orogenesis
    Influence of initial grain size on microstructural stability of dynamically recrystallized marble
    Information portal - new dimension in geoscience data delivery
    Is fractal dynamics of movements on unstable rock slopes anticipating their catastrophic collapse?
    Large seismic experiments in the area between East European craton and younger orogens of Central Europe
    Lead mineralogy in APC residues from secondary lead smelting
    Low-temperature hydrothermal interaction of Cs-containing solutions with a granite: an experimental approach
    Lower Cretaceous dinoflagellate cyst stratigraphy of the Western Carpathians
    The Magura Accretionary Wedge-Stages In Development (Magura Nappe, Western Carpathians, Poland)
    The Magura Nappe and its supposed SE prolongation (Western Outer Carpathians)
    Mantle lithosphere of Precambrian cratons and Phanerozoic regions - different fabrics expressed in seismic anisotropy
    Microbial assemblages microboring experiments - substrate selectivity
    Microgravimetric surveys applied to location and monitoring of anomalous geoengineering phenomena
    Mineral deposits as ethical category
    New data on the origin of Lower Cambrian Mo-Ni-PGE black shales in Guizhou Province, South China
    Pb -isotope study of selected European Sb-mineralizations
    Regional temperature trend in low temperature fluids: suggestions from stable isotopes and fluid inclusion data, Rhenohercynian Zone, Czech Republic
    Remediation concepts of uranium mining operations in central and eastern Europe - EU Phare Programme
    Rheology of granitoids deformed at Barrovian metamorphic field gradient in different crustal levels
    The role of mantle-rooted structural discontinuities in defining 'metallotects'
    Sediments of 2002 catastrophic flood event in the Prague area, Czech Republic: depositional setting, composition and environmental aspects
    Shape analysis of sexual dimorphism in Upper Palaeolithic skulls from Předmostí (Czech Republic)
    Similarities vers. differences in evolution of rare metal granites, porphyry intrusions and pegmatites
    Slope instability hazard evaluation and landslide site monitoring in the Flysch Western Carpathians (Czech Republic)
    Sources of lead pollution in Central Europe over the past 200 years
    Spirituality, leadership and geoethics
    Static and dynamic gravity investigation of Corinth Rift active faults, Central Greece
    Traditional decorative and building stones of the Czech Republic presented by a new public database
    The Western Carpathians: interaction of Hercynian and Alpine processes
    The World Goldpanning Association: a new meaning of the outdated prospection method