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    9th meeting environmental and engineering geophysics : Prague, Czech Republic, August 31st - September 4th 2003 : proceedings
    Czech Association of Applied Geophysicists
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    Česká republika
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    Airborne gamma-ray spectrometric mapping of the radioactive pollution in the Czech Republic
    Application of geophysical methods for checking the condition of Czech railway tracks
    Application of the 2-D resistivity tomography, electromagnetic profiling method and soil thermometry for a remedy of the existing road endangered by the slope instability, shallow caves and other inhomogenities in the karst area
    An archaeogeophysical survey of Nižbor Castle, Czech Republic - some results
    The benefits of well logging for the reduction of environmental impacts on contaminated land
    Calculation of basic constants of Microlog - theory and interpretation
    Cone penetration logging in LNAPLs contamination studies
    Czech environmental and engineering geophysics
    Detailed study of the natural groundwater flow at the natural attenuation forecast test site by well logging
    Engineering seismology and geological aplications
    Environmental radioactivity of natural and man-made sources in the Czech Republic
    Experimental seismic measurements with the application of a vibrator
    Geoinformation system of Czech Geological Survey - Geofond
    Geophysical measurement of roads in Prague immediately after the floods in August 2002
    Induction log in the remedy after the uranium exploatation in Northern Bohemia
    Long-time monitoring of soil water content and apparent resistivity
    Microgravity detection of the chambers caused by a battery breast coal mining
    Physical changes in slope deformation massif
    Possibilities of application of geophysical methods in the investigations performed for the line structures
    Prague Old Town Square: sewerage coupling chamber. Application of geophysical methods in building structure diagnostics
    Relationship between magnetic susceptibility of soils and concentrations of heavy metals in the region of Moravosilesian Beskydy Mts., Czech Republic
    Seismic velocity anisotropy - measurement and application
    Surface geophysical survey of old mining works - a comparative study
    Well logging for checking the quality of reservoir dams and sealing walls