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    Annales Geophysicae
    Velká Británie
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    2000 yrs climate trend inferred from borehole temeperature: results from the Czech Republic
    Age-dependent large scale fabric of the mantle lithosphere as derived from surface-wave velocity anisotropy
    Anomalous position of deep earthquakes and paleosubduction zones
    Can we ignore the upper mantle anisotropy in seismic tomographies?
    Changes of gravity in relation to other geodynamic phenomena in Western Bohemia
    Climate change in the Urals, Russia, recorded in borehole temperatures and meteorological data
    Climate change inferred from borehole temperatures: how to improve the solution by using the additional information
    Climatic provinces of Europe derived from long-term meteorological records
    Cold period before recent ground surface warming in Western Canada - evidence from temperature logs
    Comparison between magnetic and geochemical mapping of soil contamination in Prague
    Comparison of conductivity structures of upper mantle using Belsk, Budkov, Hel and Minsk observatory data
    A conceptional phenomenological model with features of self-organizing non-equilibrium system for safety monitoring of unstable rock slopes
    Contribution to magnetic classification of samples from the KTB borehole (Germany)
    Coordinated simultaneous Freja-Niemegk ULF measurements
    Correlation between magnetic parameters and chemical composition of lake sediments from North Bohemia - pilot study
    The coupling between solar and geomagnetic activity and weather changes in winter
    Deep geomagnetic sounding in southwest Bohemia
    Deep structure of continental lithosphere: constraints from observations of seismic anisotropy
    Dicontinuous nature of the lower part of the South American Wadati-Benioff zone in the Arica Elbow region
    Distribution and magnitude of deviations from long-term winter (January-February) temperature in the northern hemisphere in the years 1951-1990 at different levels of geomagnetic, or solar activity and QBO phases
    Distribution of earthquake foci and deep structure of convergent plate margins
    Does the solar inertial motion play a primary role in a causal chain of solar-terrestrial relations?
    Electrical anisotropy in the Earth's crust and upper mantle - possible effects upon induction data
    Geoelectrical modelling of the western part of the Bohemian Massif
    Geoelectrical structures in the West Carpathians
    Geomagnetic field on the territory of the Czech Republic for the period 1995.5 and its secular variation
    Ground surface temperature histories inverted from borehole temperature measurements in the Czech Republic
    Ground surface temperature history inferred from boreholes in West-Siberian platform
    Influence of microcracks on P-wave spatial distribution in granite sample of EPS-1 borehole (Soultz sous Forets)
    Intermediate depth aseismic gap in the Wadati-Benioff zone and position of calc-alkaline volcanism
    Inversion of shear-wave polarizations to retrieve 3-D anisotropic structure of the continental lithosphere
    Investigation of texturized solid bodies by ultrasonic waves and neutron diffraction
    Is subduction of oceanic lithosphere responsible for continent formation?
    Lab seismic data applied to a crustal segment
    Last century trends of climate warming in the Czech republic: a geothermal evidence
    Lateral variation of lithospheric structure across the protogine zone, Southern Scandinavia - signs of a paleocontinental collision
    Long-term temperature monitoring above and below the earth's surface
    Magnetic anisotropy of rocks from the Pyrenean Foreland Basin in dependence of the degree of plastic deformation - preliminary results of laboratory studies
    Magnetic anisotropy of rocks under stress conditions of the earth's crust (laboratory modelling)
    Magnetic interactions in natural rock samples exhibitin dual magnetic polarity. Abstract
    Magnetic mapping of fly-ash pollution around a power plant of Počerady, Czech Republic
    Magnetotactic bacteria - a fast technique of visualising remanence carriers in rocks
    Microgravimetric investigations in the Valleys of the Kings and Queens, Luxor, Egypt
    Mid-latitude field line resonances from simultaneous measurement of the Freja satellite and the Budkov observatory
    Model of electrical conductivity distribution across the Central European Area
    Modelling magnetic anisotropy of rocks from the KTB-1 pilothole (Germany) under pressure conditions
    Modelling of geomagnetic transfer functions on the eastern margin of the Bohemian Massif
    Moving waves of deformation as a mechanism of rupture process: mass transfer and displacement motion
    New possibilities in processing of acoustic emission from stressed rock samples
    Paleosubduction systems in the deep continental lithosphere: evidence from seismic anisotropy
    Preliminary results of chemical remagnetization under uniaxial compression
    Preliminary rock-magnetic study of archaeomagnetic samples in respect of absolute palaeointensity determination
    Search for atmospherically deposited fly-ash magnetite in soils using magnetic characteristics
    Seismic anisotropy and velocity variations in the mantle beneath the Saxothuringicum/Moldanubicum contact in Central Europe
    Seismic anisotropy: Laboratory, Logging, VSP
    Seismic energy release on faults, coseismic displacement and heat generation - an experimental study
    Solar-terrestrial and climatic phenomena in relation to solar inertial motion
    Sumatran segment of the Indonesian subduction zone: morphology of the Wadati-Benioff zone and seismotectonic pattern of the continental wedge
    Temperature behaviour of magnetization and susceptibility of synthetic haematite
    Temperature-pressure deviations and prevailing winds in the N. H. winter troposphere in years of high and low geomagnetic activity
    Thermal regimes of the continental lithosphere demonstrated on the example of Europe
    Unusual thermomagnetic behaviour of haematite: Neoformation of a magnetic phase with a Curie temperature of 470řC
    Upstream waves and field line resonances: simultaneous presence and alternation in Pc3 pulsation events