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    Biodiversity in freshwaters: temporal trends and response to water chemistry. NIVA-Report SNO6580-2013, ICP Waters Report 114/2013, 1-66. ISBN 978-82-577-6315-2
   Curtis, Chris
   de Wit, Heleen
   Eriksson, Lars
   Fjellheim, Arne
   Folster, Jens
   Frolova, Marina
   Grudule, Natalja
   Halvorsen, Godtfred
   Hildrew, Alan
   Hoffmann, Andreas
   Indriksone, Iveta
   Kamasová, Lenka
   Kopáček, Jiří
   Krám, Pavel
   Monteith, Don
   Orton, Stuart
   Senoo, Takaaki
   Shilland, Ewan
   Skjelkvale, Brit
   Stuchlík, Evžen
   Telford, Richard
   Velle, Gaute
   Wiklund, Magda-Lena
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    surface waters, monitoring network, chemical recovery, biological recovery, biodiversity of benthic macroinvertebrates, brooks, rivers, lakes, Europe
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   Analyses of benthic invertebrates diversity sampled in freshwater monitoring sites from the Czech Republic, Germany, Latvia, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom (5 thousand samples collected in 1982-2011 at 89 sampling locations). A majority of the brooks, rivers and lakes show a net increase in species diversity. Improved species diversity and declining sulphate are correlated.
    Česká geologická služba
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    ČGS (RIV)
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    15. 10. 2014