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    Contribution of Czechoslovak palaeontology to evolutionary science 1945-1985
    Univerzita Karlova
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    Die Bedeutung der Megasporen, Früchte und Samen für die Entwicklung der höheren Pflanzen in der Oberkreide
    Beitrag der tschechoslowakischen Paläoanthropologie zur Erkenntnis der Entwicklung der Fossilmenschen Europas
    The contribution of paleogeography and paleoecology to the recognition of the evolution and systematics of the anuran family Palaeobatrachidae
    Development and structures of the triassic and liassic Brachiopod communites
    Ekological aspects of the origin and evolution of Hominids
    Evolution of main vegetation types in the lower Miocene of NW Bohemia
    Evolution of the family Rzehakiidae (Mollusca, Bivalvia) in the Teriary of Euroasia
    On the phylomorphogenesis of otoliths of the family Myctophydae (Teleostei)
    The phylogeny of Gavelinella and Lingulobavelinella (Foraminiferida) in upoper Cretaceous in Bohemia
    Phylogeny of several lineages of the trilobite family Tropidocoryphidae (Proetacea)
    Phylogeny of the genus Equus
    The problem of planctic Foraminifers of the family Globotruncanidae
    Problems of the evolution of Angiosperms
    Some features of the skull ontogeny in frogs (Amphibia, Anura) and their importance for recognizing the evolution of this group
    Studies on the Ostracode evolution at the Department of Paleontology, Charles University, 1945-1985