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    Documenta geonica 2001. Geonics 2001. Temperature and its influence on geomaterials
    Konečný, P.
    Kožušníková, A.
    Peres Publishers
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    Česká republika
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    Determination of thermo-physical parameters of Carboniferous rocks in prospective area of underground coal mines of Ostrava-Karviná coalfield
    Influence of temperature on permeability and stress strain behaviour of granodiorite
    Interaction of laser beam with rocks
    Large scale FE analysis of stresses due to excavation and heating
    Mathematical modelling of bituminous coal seams burning out
    Natural cokes in the exploration fields Frenštát - East and Čeladná - Krásná
    Study of kerfs induced by laser beam in rocks by image analysis
    Temperature effect on selected mechanical properties of rocks of Skalka locality