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    Experimental Reversal of Acid Rain Effects: The Gardsjön Roof Project
    John Wiley
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    Velká Británie
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    Catchment-Scale Acidification Reversal Experiment at Gardsjön, South-west Sweden - Assessment of the Experimental Design
    Changes in the Soil Solution Chemistry After Exclusion of Acid Deposition
    The Covered Catchment Site : A Description of the Physiography, Climate and Vegetation of Three Small Coniferous Forest Catchments at Gardsjön, South-west Sweden
    The Hydrology of the Covered Catchment : Water Storage, Flowpaths and Residence Times
    Modelling Soil Acidification in a Roofed Catchment : Application of the SAFE Model
    Modelling the Hydrology of the Covered Catchment
    Recovery from Acidification in the Forested Covered Catchment Experiment at Gardsjön : Effects on Biogeochemical Output Fluxes and Concentrations
    Simulating the Gärdsjön Covered Catchment Experiment with the MAGIC Model