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    Geomorfologický sborník 8 : book of abstracts : proceedings of the conference State of Geomorfological Research in 2009 : 15.-17. April 2009, Kašperské Hory, Czech Republic
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    Česká republika
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    Active tectonics research within the sudetic marginal fault zone; Vlčice u Javorníka site
    Altitudinal limit of the ice-sheet glaciation in Northern Bohemia - new evidence from the saddle under Andělský vrch hill
    Analysis of the drainage network of the Hoštice foot step
    Automatization of the base surface delimitation - case study in Fatransko-Turčiansky region
    The coarse fluvial sediments in a mid-mountain valley - distribution, parameters and significance
    Complex geomorphological analysis of a Beskydian Mountain stream : an example of the Malá Ráztoka stream
    Creation of DEM by kriging method and evaluation of the results
    Dynamics of rockfall on the western slope of Smrk Mt. (the Moravskoslezské Beskydy Mts.)
    Effects of active tectonics on fluvial system of the upper Morava basin development
    General scheme of the Western Carpathian stream channel behaviour
    Geomorphological mapping in the Southern part of "Veltrubský luh" natural reserve
    Geomorphology of gap valleys of the Svratka River in the vicinity of the Veverská Bítýška town
    Holocene sedimentation dynamics and average catchment denudation acquired from the sedimentary basins of the landslide-dammed lakes in the Flysch Carpathians
    Importance of geomorphology in natural hazards and risks research
    The influence of leaf accumulations on the function of step-pool systems in mountain streams
    Influence of slope deformations on morphology of drainage dividing parts : introduction
    Interactions between river channel morphology and riparian vegetation - an example from the Lužnice River, South Bohemia, Czech Republic
    Laboratory simulation of regelation cycle
    Landslide risk in the city of Zlín
    Landslide susceptibility modeling : a case study on Fruška gora mountain, Serbia
    Model of a glacial/periglacial paleogeomorphological system in the Bohemian Forest
    Morphostructural analysis of the Bohutický les Upland in the south Moravia
    Origin of ramparts in the Úpská and Harrachova jáma cirques and the Mezikotlí valley, the High Sudetes
    Paleogeographical evidence of the sediments from the Černé jezero Lake area, the Bohemian Forest
    Philosophy of a new general geomorphological map of the Czech Republic 1 : 500,000
    Slope deformations of the central ridge of the Kysucké Beskydy Mts (Slovakia)
    Some aspects of the distribution of the block accumulations in Western part of Podyjí National Park
    Spatial variation of weathering landforms of bed-rock in Orlik Massive, Hrubý Jeseník, Eastern Sudetes
    Statistical classification of landslides and landslides area in the Rusavská hornatina Mts.
    Temperature regime of patterned ground in the High Sudetes
    Testing of the partial derivatives approximation preciseness
    Time constraints for neotectonics and evolution of giant rock slope failures in the main mountain ridge of the Crimean Mountains (Ukraine)
    The Western Slovakia extensometer net - targets and current results
    The windthrows in Šumava Mts. caused by Kyrill hurricane and terrain features