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    Guide to the Geology of the Šumava Mountains
   Babůrek, Jiří
   Jiřička, Josef
   Pertoldová, Jaroslava
   Verner, Kryštof
    Správa Národního parku a CHKO Šumava, Česká geologická služba
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    118 s.
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    Šumava Mountains, geology, rocks, minerals, mineral raw materials, geomorphology,, geography
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   The book outlines the main aspects of the geological development of one of the most interesting Czech mountain ranges, which forms an integral part of the central European geosphere. Both professional geologists and especially (though not exclusively) those with little or no geologic training will find this book useful and interesting. Its first part briefly reviews the main aspects of the evolution of the Earth, the migration of the continents, geological processes and the evolution of organic life. It also provides an insight into the nature of rocks, minerals and industrial raw materials. This wide-angle view is followed by a summary of the geological development of Šumava, followed by a description of particular local geological features. The reader will acquire a feeling for the geological history that integrates the Šumava area with its geological structure on the surface and at greater depths. The landscapes that we see here today are the result of tremendous internal and exter
   nal geological forces that were active deep within the Earth. From time to time throughout the history of the Earth, they raised, levelled and modelled its surface. The text, photographs, sketches and drawings provide the reader with anunderstanding of the Šumava geosphere that helped to sculpture the landscape and its morphology. Similar to earlier works on the Šumava Mountains, the present authors hope that this book will attract people to this natural area and its fascinating geology.
    Česká geologická služba
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    ČGS (RIV)
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    15. 10. 2014