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    HIBSCH 2002 Symposium, 3-8 June 2002 Teplá near Třebenice, Ústí nad Labem, Mariánské Lázně, Czech Republic, excursion guide, abstracts
    Czech Geological Survey
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    3D projection and interpretation of earthquakes in the Western Bohemia area
    Digital Elevation Model of the Crystalline Basement, NW Bohemia
    Doupovské hory Mts. - New geological data
    Fe-spinelides in young volcanics of the České středohoří Mts
    Magmatic history of the Altenberg-teplice caldera in the aspect of Th-U data
    Quartz phenocrysts stratigraphy of the Teplice rhyolite: a window into stratified magma chambers