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    International Conference Global alignements of Lower Devonian carbonate and clastic sequences ( SDS/IGCP Project 499 joint field meeting) : contributions
    Kim, A. I.
    Meshchankina, N. A.
    Salimova, F. A.
    State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Geology and Mineral Resources ; Institute of Petroleum Geology, Russian Academy of Sciences
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    Application to the SDS for revision of the Pragian-Emsian GSSP
    Environmental and biotic changes close to the Emsian/Eifelian boundary in the Prague Basin, Czech Republic: paleontological, geochemical and sedimentological approach
    Long-distance correlation of Basal Chotec Event sections using magnetic susceptibility (Barrandian-vs-Nevada) and lateral and vertical variations in fine-grained non-carbonate mineral phases
    Pragian of the Prague Synform: stratigraphy, global correlation and boundary problems
    Stromatactis and stromatactum pattern formation in sediment: constraints from fluid mechanics and rheology and implications for environments, sedimentary architecture and cyclostratigraphy