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    Mapping the Hazardous Wastes from Mining Activities in the Sokolov Lignite basin, Czech Republic
   Bourguignon, Anne
   Chevrel, Stephane
   Kopačková, Veronika
   Rojík, Petr
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    certifikovaná metodika, postup, specializovaná mapa
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    AMD, Sokolov, ASTER
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   High-altitude spectroradiometry (ASTER - Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer satellite data) was employed in order to identify the locations of the most significant sources of AMD discharge at the Sokolov lignite open-pit mines, Czech Republic. As a result, a map with delineated low-pH zones was created and validated by the ground truth data. The spectral property of both constituents, jarosite (AMD indicating mineral) and lignite (the organic component) occurring as part of mixtures, can be identified using ground/laboratory-based and imaging spectroscopy (ASTER). Our study shows the high potential of multispectral data such as ASTER in the field of mapping and monitoring the hazardous wastes from mining activities.
    Česká geologická služba
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    ČGS (RIV)
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    15. 10. 2014