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    Metamorphic Fluids and Mineral Deposits. Abstracts
    Český geologický ústav
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    Česká republika
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    Gold deposit Vacíkov-Petráčkova hora: an example of complex magmatic-metamorphic history
    Kašperské Hory - retrograde metamorphism related mesothermal gold district
    Model of the origin of Au-mineralization of the Andělská Hora ore district in the Jeseníky Mts. (Czech Republic)
    A preliminary fluid inclusion study of the Pb-Zn deposit Horní Benešov, Czech Republic
    Sulfide mineralization of the Kutná Hora ore district; Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic : stable isotope and fluid inclusion study
    Uranium mineralisation in the shear zones of the Bohemian Massif