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    Meteoritics & Planetary Science
    Spojené státy americké
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    Analysis of the bright fireball over Kola Peninsula on April 19, 2014 Followed by successful meteorite recovery campaign
    Applications of the Meteorite Physical Properties Data Obtained Using Mobile Laboratory Facility
    Daubreelite and troilite as a source of cometary and minor body magnetism in cold environment
    Density, porosity, mineralogy, and internal structure of cosmic dust and alteration of its properties during high velocity atmospheric entry
    Influence of titanium content on crystal structure of iron monosulfide
    Influence of titanium content on crystal structure of iron monosulfide
    Lithium and magnetism isotopes in sediments of the Ries area: constraints on the sources of moldavite tektites
    Moldavites from the Cheb Basin, Czech Republic
    Orbit, trajectory and recovery of Chelyabinsk meteorite
    Physical properties of the Chelyabinsk meteorite fragments
    Physical properties, structure and fracturing of the Chelyabinsk LL5 meteorite body
    Preatmospheric parameters and fragment distribution: A case study for Košice meteoroid
    Statistical assessment of major element composition of moldavites from the Cheb Basin
    Triple-oxygen isotope composition of moldavites and irghizites: clues for source materials of tektites and other impactrelated glasses