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    Newsletters 2 of the IGCP Project 254 "Metalliferous black shales"
    Ústřední ústav geologický
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    Anomalous black shales in the NW part of the Barrandian Upper Proterozoic (Bohemian Massif, Czechoslovakia)
    Black shales and associated mineralizations as a result development of the (semi-) isolated basin in the Barrandian Proterozoic Bohemian Massif, Czechoslovakite
    Black shales and graphite deposits
    Black shales as a source of mineralization of the Bohemian Massif
    Gold-bearing mineralization hosted by black slates: An example from the Bohemian Massif (Czechoslovakia)
    Gold-bearing mineralization hosted by black slates in the Andělská Hora ore district, Czechoslovakia
    Lithological and metamorphic development of anoxic environment in the geological history of the Bohemian Massif
    Metalliferous black shales - IGCP activities in 1989
    Metallogeny of black shales - new results from IGCP 254
    Normal versus anomalous marine black shales in the Precambrian and Lower Paleozoic of the Bohemian Massif
    Origin of sulphides in volcano-sedimentary complex of the Bohemian Upper Proterozoic
    Uranium mineralization in silicified Upper Proterozoic biogenic rocks