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    Physical properties of meteorites and their role in planetology
   Kohout, Tomáš
    University of Helsinki, Department of Physics
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    149 s.
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    Překlad názvu: Fyzikální vlastnosti meteoritů a jejich role v planetologii
    Report series in geophysics; University of Helsinki ; ISSN 0355-8630 ; vol. 60 ; ISBN 978-952-10-5444-0
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   Together with cosmic spherules, interplanetary dust particles and lunar samples returned by Apollo and Luna missions, meteorites are the only source of extraterrestrial material on Earth. They represent samples of various space bodies from asteroids to other planets. Some are remains of parent bodies, which completely disintegrated during giant collisions and no longer exist in the Solar System. The physical properties of meteorites, especially their magnetic susceptibility, bulk and grain density and porosity, have wide applications in meteorite research such as meteorite classification, studies of their origin, level of terrestrial weathering, shock history and in the estimation of the physical appearance of their parent bodies - asteroids.
    AV ČR Brno, Geologický ústav
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    8. 8. 2012