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    Proceedings : International symposium "Impact of agricultural activities on groundwater" . XVIth Congerss of the International association of hydrogeologists, Prague, Czechoslovakia, September 5th-11th, 1982 . Memoires 16(2)
    International Association of Hydrogeologists
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    Alimentary nitrate methemoglobinemia of infants and the anomalous underground water chemism in the south Moravia region
    The biological activity of soil and leaching of the inorganic forms of nitrogen into grounwaters
    Biological protection of groudwater from nitrate polliution
    Dynamics of major plant nutrients and some pesticides movement within the system soil-water
    Long-term changes in concentrations of fluxes of nitrogen species in the Elbe river basin
    Movement of agrichemicals through the soil profile into underground watter
    Pollution of groudwater in "Žitný island" by nitrogenous matter from agricultural large-scale production studied in model territory of "Diarhan"
    The possibilities of reducing water seepage into the bottom layers in susurface irrigations
    Research into agricultural microbian pollution of groundwater
    Research of penetration of pesticides through non-saturated zone into quaternary groundwater
    Seepage precipitation waters in different hydropedological conditions in Slovakia
    Study of the development of the chemical composition of ground water in pumping wells