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    Proceedings of the Symposium "Paleofloristic and Paleoclimatic Changes in the Cretaceous and Tertiary"
    Ústřední ústav geologický
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    Česká republika
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    The Brito-Arctic Igneous Province Flora: its Paleofloristic and Paleoclimatic Character in the Late Paleocene
    European long range correlations, a new phylozonation for Neogene flora in Tethys-Paratethys region and the problem of the salinity crisis, a computer program
    The flora of the Staré Sedlo Formation in West Bohemia, Upper Eocene
    Floristic changes around Stehlin's Grande Coupure in Central Europe
    Frenelopsis SCHENK: Its possible value for Cretaceous stratigraphy in Czechoslovakia
    Marginal facies of the Bohemian Upper Cretaceous (Palynological study)
    Microfloristic Changes during the Miocene in Central Paratethys Region
    Paleofloristic Changes and Facial Differentiation during Cenomanian Sedimentation in the SW part of Bohemian Cretaceous Basin
    Plant Macrofossils from the Mesák Formation in Central Lybia
    A Problematic Plant Fossil from the Cretaceous: Costatheca Hall
    Remarks on Cretaceous Coniferales from Bohemia and Moravia (Czechoslovakia)