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    Seventh meeting of the EurSeventh meeting of the European Union of Geosciences : April 4-8th 1993 Strasbourg. Terra abstracts, suppl. no. 1
    European Union of Geosciences
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    Anisotropy of European lithosphere and its changes associated with suture zones
    Bipolar thrusting and orogen parallel extension as a result from Early Carboniferous indentation tectonics: The Bohemian Massif
    Compaction of Miocene molasses and neotectonic mobility of the Polish Carpathian Foothils
    Contrasting origin of Variscan high-P granulites and high-T peridotites (Bohemian Massif): evidence from Sm-Nd garnet ages
    Contribution to the neotectonics of the West Carpathians
    Crustal structure of the eastern Variscides, especially of the Saxothuringian Zone (Erzgebirge - Mid German Crystalline Zone)
    Development of the Carpathian Foredeep in Poland
    Early Variscan strike-slip displacements in central Europe
    Geotectonic position of granulitic complex in South Bohemia (The Bohemian Massif)
    Inverted metamorphic zonation at the SE margin of the Bohemian Massif - result of Variscan progressive overthrusting
    Inverted strain zonation and large scale strain partitioning in middle crust during the nappe pile building
    Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous microplankton abundance, Milankovitch cycles, and implications for upwelling and Cretaceous climates
    Late-orogenic extension in the Bohemian Massif: Petrostructural evidence in the Hlinsko region
    The Lusatian Granodiorite Complex (northern margin of Bohemian Massif) - Cadomian peraluminous plutonism
    Main stages of structural evolution of the Magura Nappe, West Carpathians, Poland
    Modelling of hysteresis curves of magnetite-hematite mixtures
    Neogene-Recent magmatism and the geodynamics of rifting in Europe
    Quantitative subsidence analysis in the Vienna, Danube and East Slovakian Basins
    Remagnesation from the Bohemian Massif and determination of the primary remanence direction
    Remnants of granulite-facies rocks in granites of the South Bohemian Pluton
    Second order sequence boundary in the Alpine-Carpatho-Pannonian Paleogene
    Shear zones and mineralizations in the Sudetes, SW Poland
    Siliciclastic termination of the carbonate sequence: signal of Variscan orogeny
    Silurian graptolites from North Cape turbidites
    Structural map of the basement of Europe
    Tectonic significance of Moldanubian MORB- and WPB-type amphibolites in the Southern Bohemian Massif, Austria
    Thermal evolution and zircon ages for high-pressure granulites in the Eger crystalline complex, northern Bohemia, CSFR
    Timing of the Variscan orogeny in the Southern Bohemian Massif (NE-Austria) deduced from new U-Pb zircon and monazite dating
    Transition from convergence to escape: field evidence from the West Carpathians
    Transition metals in superheat melts: implications for the composition of core and mantle
    U-Pb dating of (meta)granitoids in the NW Sudetes (Poland) and their bearing on tectono-stratigraphic correlation
    Variscan dome structure of the Karkonosze-Izera Block (NE Bohemian Massif)
    The Western Carpathian rebus of the Penninicum: an approximation of Alpine model or reality?