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    Grygar, Tomáš, 1964-
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    Analysis of low concentration of free ferric oxides in clays by Vis diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and voltrammetry
    Can instrumental analysis and imaging help to extract paleoenvironmental information from silicified stems?
    Cathodoluminescence of silicified trunks from the Permo-Carboniferous basins in eastern Bohemia, Czech Republic
    Lake Baikal climatic record between 310 and 50 ky BP; Interplay between diatoms, watershed weathering and orbital forcing
    Milion let jezera
    Mineralogical, chemical and technological characterization of kaolinitic sands from deposit Vyšný Petrovec (South Slovakia)
    Modified low-grade aluminosilicates as effective sorbents of hazardeous oxyanions from aqueous systems
    Morava River flood plain sediments deposited during the last millennium: Climatic and anthropogenic record
    A multianalytical approach for study of fresh nanosized precipitates from AMD at Zlaté Hory, Czech Republic
    Paleoenvironmental record in Lake Baikal sediments : environmental changes in the last 160 ky
    Přírodní archiv řeky Moravy : jak se říční niva stávala neobyvatelnou
    Spectral imaging, a non invasive method for reading environmental changes in Aral Sea sediments
    Wall painting damage by salts: causes and mechanisms