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    Kostelecký, Jan, 1946-
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    Center of Earth's Dynamics Research in the years 2005-2010
    Chicxulub je asi dvojitý a Popigaj má bratříčky : netradiční pomoc při vyhledávání impaktních kráterů na Zemi
    Combination of different space geodesy techniques for EOP and terrestrial reference frame determination
    Deformation between African and Eurasian Plate estimated from the European and the Egyptian GPS geodetic networks results from preliminary processing
    Detection of Earth impact craters aided by the detailed global gravitational model EGM2008
    Earth orientation parameters and station coordinates from space geodasy techniques
    Global and regional seasonal variations of the geoid detected by GRACE
    Horizontal and vertical displacements of the stations within the frame of the individual plates based on the ITRS 2000 reference system
    The hypothesis on the Earth´s expansion in the light of space geodesy results
    IERS and its importance for global geodynamics
    Impact of Sumatra 2004 earthquake on geodynamic station GOPE (Czech Republic)
    Motions and deformations of tectonic plates inferred from the ITRF 2005
    Pyramids and ceremonial centers in Mesoamerica: were they oriented using a magnetic compass?
    Quasigeoids for the territory of the Czech Republic
    Satellite altimetry in the Center of Earth Dynamics Research
    Testing global geopotential models through comparison of a local quasi-geoid model with GPS/leveling data
    Zpřesněná stavba Českého impaktního kráteru podle podrobného celosvětového modelu gravitačního pole Země EGM 08