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    Čadek, Ondřej
Author of Article
    Dynamic Topography: A Key to Understanding how the Earth's Mantle works?
    Effect of a viscosity interface at 1000 km depth on mantle circulation
    Effect of lateral viscosity vartiations in the core-mantle boundary region on predictions of the long-wavelength geoid
    Further evidences for slabs in the lower mantle
    Geodynamical implications from the correlation of surface geology and seismic tomographic structure
    Gravitační účinek rozhraní plášť-jádro
    Inference of viscosity from the oceanic geoid : Indication of a low viscosity zone below the 660 km discontinuity
    Influence of the load wavelength on the permeability of a viscosity interface in the mantle
    A numerical model of exhumation of the orogenic lower crust in the Bohemian Massif during the Variscan orogeny
    Numerical modelling of sub-lithospheric small-scale convection and implications for pacific plate-mantle interaction
    Radial profiles of temperature and viscosity in the Earth's mantle inferred from the geoid and lateral seismic structure
    Thermal structure of the lower mantle