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    Švehlík, R.
Author of Monograph
    Czechia and Slovakia. Geomorphological Hazards of Europe.. Geomorphological Hazards of Europe.
Author of Article
    Aeolian ridges in the piedmont of the Bile Karpaty mountains as a response of man induced changes in the landscape
    Dust Storms on the Bile Karpaty Mountains Piedmont, Moravia: Historical Analysis and Preliminary Study
    Geomorphologic research on the present-day processes and landforms in the western Carpathians in the Czech Republic
    Náhlá ohrožení geomorfologickými katastrofami v České republice
    Natural hazards in the Czech and Slovak Republic
    Origin of dunes in the Bile Karpaty mts. piedmont in the area of Uherský Brod - Czechia