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    Adam, M.
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    Biological and biomechanical properties of the carbon composite and polyethylene implant materials
    Biological fixation of carbon-carbon pyrolytic composites covered with collagen-proteoglycan copolymers
    Biomechanical and biological properties of the implant material carbon-carbon composite covered with pyrolytic carbon
    Biomechanical and Biological Propetries of the Implant Material Carbon-Carbon Composite Covered with Pyrolytic Carbon
    Bone reaction to implanted carbon-carbon composite
    Carbon - Carbon/Composites as a Biomaterial
    Composite biotolerant implaints with a collagen-proteoglycan copolymer
    The effect of implanted C-C composite and polyethylene covered by collagen and proteoglycans on the connective tissue formation
    Některé in vitro zkoušky C/C kompozitů
    Some in - vitro biocompatibility tests of carbon-carbon composites and preparation of bone plates