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    Bernasconi, Stefano
Author of Monograph
    Coordination of WP2 modelling efforts and CZO data availability. Deliverable D2.1b. SoilTrEC - Soil Transformations in European Catchments
    Harmonized database of existing field data. Deliverable D2.3. SoilTrEC - Soil Transformations in European Catchments - Project
    Inventory of current measurement and monitoring activities at the CZOs. Deliverable D2.2. of the SoilTrEC project
    Report on model application testing with the field data and Final report on validation of process models and results (Deliverables D2.6 and D2.7), 1-80. SoilTrEC Project. Grant Agreement no. 244118
    SoilTrEC - Soil Transformations in European Catchments. Integrated Soil through Mathematical Modelling. Technical Report 1
Author of Article
    Characterization of the European Critical Zone Observatories at soil profile scale - soil physical structrure
    Critical zone ecosystem services: more than skin deep
    Soil processes and functions across an international network of Critical Zone Observarvatories: introduction to experimental methods and initial results
    Soil processes and functions in critical zone observatories: hypotheses and experimental design
    SoilTrEC: An international consorcium to assess soil processes and functions using a global network of critical zone observatories