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    Blodgett, R. B.
Author of Article
    Chulitnacula, a new paleobiogeographically distinctive gastropod genus from Upper Triassic strata of accreted terranes of southern Alaska
    Delphinulopsidae, a new neritopsoidean gastropod family from the Upper Triassic (upper Carnian or lower Norian) of Wallowa terrane, northeastern Oregon
    Distribution and origin of heterostrophic coiling among Gastropoda
    Early Devonian polygnathids of Northeast Asia and correlation of Pragian/Emsian strata of the marginal seas of Angarida
    Late Triassic gastropod biogeography of Southern Alaskan accreted terranes
    Late Triassic gastropod faunas of western North America - a useful tool in terrane analysis
    New Early Devonian gastropods from the families Crassimarginatidae (new family) and Scoliostomatidae (new family), Royal Creek area, Yukon Territory, Canada
    Odontomariinae, a new Middle Paleozoic subfamily of slit-bearing euomphaloidean gastropods (Euomphalomorpha, Gastropoda)
    On the occurrence of Spinidelphinulopsis whaleni (Gastropoda) in the Late Triassic (early Norian) Cornwallis Limestone, Kuiu Island, southeastern Alaska (Alexander terrane) and its paleobiogeographic significance
    Paleobiogeographic affinities of Emsian (late Early Devonian) gastropods from Limestone Mountain, Medfra B-4 quadrangle, west-central Alaska (Farewell terrane)
    Paleobiogeographic signatures for Upper Triassic brachiopods and gastropods from Kuiu Island and adjacent Keku Strait, SE Alaska (Alexander Terrane)
    Semitubina yukonensis n. sp., first occurrence of this biogeographically distinctive Old World Realm gastropod genus in the Lower Devonian of the Western Hemisphere
    Shallow and Deep Water Origins of Silurian Rocks at Glacier Bay, Alaska
    Upper Triassic gastropod biogeography of western North America