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    Bolormaa, Khasbazaar
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    The Early Cretaceous volcanic activity in the western part of the Gobi-Altay rift (Shiliin Nuruu, SW Mongolia)
    Geology and geochemistry of the Palaeozoic plutonic bodies of the Trans-Altay Gobi, SW Mongolia: implications for magmatic processes in an accreted volcanic-arc system
    Metamorfní vývoj krystalinických jednotek v oblasti jezera Khutag Nuur ve východní části Mongolského Altaje
    Petrology and age of metamorphosed rocks in tectonic slices inside the Palaeozoic sediments of the eastern Mongolian Altay, SW Mongolia
    Prospection for gold and new occurrences of gold-bearing mineralization in the eastern Mongolian Altay