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    Carls, P.
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    Application to the SDS for revision of the Pragian-Emsian GSSP
    Comments on the GSSP for the basal Emsian stage boundary: the need for its redefinition
    Early Pragian conodont-based correlations between the Barrandian area and the Spanish Central Pyrenees
    Integrated stratigraphy of the Lower Devonian in the Barrandian area, Czech Republic - A preliminary data from the Lochkovian
    Integrated stratigraphy of the Lower Devonian in the Barrandian area, Czech Republic: An introduction of the project, preliminary data
    Late Ludlow and Přídolí guide conodonts in the Požáry section (Czech Republic) and their correlation
    A new Ludlow (Late Silurian) Spathognathodontidae (Conodonta) from Bohemia with incipient alternating denticulation
    Post-Lau event (Ludlow( recovery and Global correlation of conodont faunas of Bohemia
    Pragian of the Prague Synform: stratigraphy, global correlation and boundary problems
    Pridolian to Mid-Lochkovian Biostratigraphic time marks in Bohemia
    Problems and progress in conodont stratigraphy around the Silurian/Devonian boundary
    Proposal of detailed biostratigraphic subdivision of the Lochkovian in the Prague Synform
    Reconstrucción del aparato de un Spathognathodontidae del Ludlow de Bohemia (Conodonta, Silúrico, República Checa)
    Revisions of conodont biostratigraphy across the Silurian-Devonian boundary
    Stratigraphically significant conodonts from the Lochkovian of the Požáry section (Barrandian area, Czechia)
    Subdivision of the Lochkovian Stage based on conodont faunas from the stratotype area (Prague Synform, Czech Republic)
    Succession of Biostratigraphic marks for the Early Emsian
    Upgrading of magnetic susceptibility of conodont sample residues before magnetic separation
    Zajímavosti svrchnosilurských konodontových faun z Barrandienu
    Zonation concept in stratigraphic correlation - a discussion