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    Chvojka, Richard
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    Basic palaeomagnetic data on the Bohemian Massif
    A Contribution to the Methodology of Magnetostratigraphic Studies of Strongly Remagnetized Lower Permian Rocks, Bohemian Massif
    On the techniques of analysis the multi-component magnetization of rocks using the Rocoma magnetometer
    Palaeointensity of the Geomagnetic Field during Upper Cainozoic Derived from Palaeo-Slags and Porcellanites in North Bohemia
    Palaeomagnetic investigations in the Biele Karpaty Mts. Unit, Flysch Belt of the Western Carpathians
    Paleomagnetic investigations of the flysch belt in the Orava region, Magura unit, Czechoslovak Western Carpathians
    Vícesložková remanentní magnetizace a význam jejího studia pro geologii