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    Coal Geology Conference (11. : 26.05.2008-30.05.2008 : Prague, Česká republika)
Conference for Article
    Aluminium complexes in coal and their thermal stability
    Biota of the Líně Formation (Stephanian C), mode of preservation and its palaeoecological interpretation
    Factors influencing the amount of CO2 sorbed on coal
    High-Ti basaltic rock of the Western Krušné hory Mts: possible parent rock types for the Ti-bearing clays¨in the Sokolov basin?
    Insect borings in the Jurassic lignites, Bornholm, Denmark
    The paleontological significance of hollows in carboniferous to permian fossil wood of the Central-Western Bohemian coal-bearing basins
    Palynology and paleoecology of the Radnice Basin, Lower Bolsovian of the Czech Republic
    Tectonics and stratigraphic relationships between Cenozoic volcanism and lignite deposition, Eger Graben, NW Bohemia