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    EGS General Assembly (20. : 03.04.1995-07.04.1995 : Hamburg, NÄ›mecko)
Conference for Article
    2000 yrs climate trend inferred from borehole temeperature: results from the Czech Republic
    Can we ignore the upper mantle anisotropy in seismic tomographies?
    Comparison of conductivity structures of upper mantle using Belsk, Budkov, Hel and Minsk observatory data
    Contribution to magnetic classification of samples from the KTB borehole (Germany)
    Deep structure of continental lithosphere: constraints from observations of seismic anisotropy
    Electrical anisotropy in the Earth's crust and upper mantle - possible effects upon induction data
    Ground surface temperature histories inverted from borehole temperature measurements in the Czech Republic
    Influence of microcracks on P-wave spatial distribution in granite sample of EPS-1 borehole (Soultz sous Forets)
    Inversion of shear-wave polarizations to retrieve 3-D anisotropic structure of the continental lithosphere
    Lab seismic data applied to a crustal segment
    Mid-latitude field line resonances from simultaneous measurement of the Freja satellite and the Budkov observatory
    Paleosubduction systems in the deep continental lithosphere: evidence from seismic anisotropy
    Solar-terrestrial and climatic phenomena in relation to solar inertial motion
    Temperature behaviour of magnetization and susceptibility of synthetic haematite