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    EGS General Assembly (22. : 21.04.1997-25.04.1997 : Vienna, Rakousko)
Conference for Article
    Age-dependent large scale fabric of the mantle lithosphere as derived from surface-wave velocity anisotropy
    Climate change in the Urals, Russia, recorded in borehole temperatures and meteorological data
    Climate change inferred from borehole temperatures: how to improve the solution by using the additional information
    Climatic provinces of Europe derived from long-term meteorological records
    Cold period before recent ground surface warming in Western Canada - evidence from temperature logs
    Coordinated simultaneous Freja-Niemegk ULF measurements
    Dicontinuous nature of the lower part of the South American Wadati-Benioff zone in the Arica Elbow region
    Geoelectrical modelling of the western part of the Bohemian Massif
    Geomagnetic field on the territory of the Czech Republic for the period 1995.5 and its secular variation
    Investigation of texturized solid bodies by ultrasonic waves and neutron diffraction
    Long-term temperature monitoring above and below the earth's surface
    Magnetic mapping of fly-ash pollution around a power plant of Po─Źerady, Czech Republic
    Magnetotactic bacteria - a fast technique of visualising remanence carriers in rocks
    Modelling of geomagnetic transfer functions on the eastern margin of the Bohemian Massif
    Moving waves of deformation as a mechanism of rupture process: mass transfer and displacement motion
    Seismic anisotropy and velocity variations in the mantle beneath the Saxothuringicum/Moldanubicum contact in Central Europe
    Upstream waves and field line resonances: simultaneous presence and alternation in Pc3 pulsation events