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    Ettler, V.
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    Alteration of arsenopyrite in soils under different vegetation covers
    Cadmium, lead and zinc leaching from smelter fly ash in simple organic acids-Simulators of rhizospheric soil solutions
    Crystallochemistry of oxides and silicates from ancient lead pyrometallurgical slag, with emphasis on the localisation and mobilisation of heavy metals. Volume 2
    Datování povodňových sedimentů Moravy ve Strážnickém Pomoraví
    Determination of trace elements in calcite using solution and laser ablation ICP-MS: calibration to NIST SRM glass and USGS MACS carbonate, and application to real landfill calcite
    Isotopic composition of lead in Czech coals
    The Late Holocene climatic and anthropogenic record in flood-plain deposits of the Morava River (Czech Republic)
    Mercury deposition/accumulation rates in the vicinity of a lead smelter as recorded by a peat deposit
    Mercury Distribution in Soil Profiles Polluted by Lead Smelting
    Morava River flood plain sediments deposited during the last millennium: Climatic and anthropogenic record
    Morava River floodplain development during the last millennium, Straznicke Pomoravi, Czech Republic
    The pH-dependent leaching of inorganic contaminants from secondary lead smelter fly ash
    Trace elements in landfill calcite: a comparison of solution & laser ablation ICP-MS and calibration to different standard material (SRM NIST glass and USGS MACS carbonate)