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    European Geosciences Union General Assembly (1. : 25.04.2004-30.04.2004 : Nice, Francie)
Conference for Article
    3-D study of texture and elastic anisotropy on rocks from NW Italy - Ivrea zone
    The AMS and ductile deformation of rocks of the acretionary prism of the easternmost Rheno-Hercynian: Implications for dynamics of the respective subduction factory
    Analysis of cracks creation kinetics by electromagnetic and acoustic emission
    An Empirical Scaling Law for Acquisition of Thermoremanent Magnetizations
    Evaluation of stress-strain stage of loaded rock samples based on ultrasonic emission analysis
    Is the Fischer distribution reproducible?
    Magnetic properties of agricultural soils in dependence of land use
    Magnetic Properties of Chondritic Meteorites and the Terrestrial Weathering
    Paleomagnetic and rock magnetic records from the Baikal Lake sediments