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    Förster, Hans-Jürgen, 1948-
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    The Be-Ta-rich granite of Seiffen (eastern Erzgebirge, Germany) : accessory-mineral chemistry, composition, and age of a late-Variscan Li-F granite of A-type affinity
    The chemical composition of REE-Y-Th-U-rich accessory minerals in peraluminous granites of the Erzgebirge-Fichtelgebirge region, Germany. Part II: Xenotime
    Composition and origin of intermediate solid solutions in the system thorite-xenotime-zircon-coffinite
    Composition of monazite and xenotime from the Fichtelgebirge granites : an electron microprobe study
    Formation of extremely F-rich hydrous melt fractions and hydrothermal fluids during differentiation of highly evolved tin-granite magmas: a melt/fluid-inclusion study
    Geochemical evolution of halogen-enriched granite magmas and mineralizing fluids of the Zinnwald tin-tungsten mining district, Erzgebirge, Germany
    Igneous Activity. Autochthon and Metamorphic Nappe Units. Saxothuringian Basin
    An internally consistent present-day thermo-petrological model of the Erzgebirge crust
    An International Conference for the Advancement of Geochemistry. Extended Abstracts: A-K
    Late-Collisional Granites in the Variscan Erzgebirge, Germany
    Metallogenesis. Autochthon and Nonmetamorphic Nappe Units. Saxothuringian Basin
    Micas as indicators of the fugacities of some volatile components in magmatic-hydrothermal systems : the variscan postkinematic granites of the Erzgebirge Mts., G.D.R.
    Mineralogy of the Niederschlema-Alberoda U-Se-polymetallic deposit, Erzgebirge, Germany. III. First indication of complete miscibility between tennantite and giraudite
    A new graphical presentation and subdivision of potassium micas
    On Li-bearing micas: estimating Li from electron microprobe analyses and an improved diagram for graphical representation
    Physicochemical parameters of granite formation and related tin-tungsten-molybdenum mineralizations in the Erzgebirge, north-western edge of the Bohemian Massif
    Sekaninaite from the Satzung granite (Erzgebirge, Germany): magmatic or xenolithic?
    Synchysite-(Y)-synchysite-(Ce) solid solutions form Markersbach, Erzgebirge, Germany: REE and Th mobility during high-T alteration of highly fractionated aluminous A-type granites
    The transition from peraluminous to peralkaline granitic melts : evidence from melt inclusions and accessory minerals
    Unusual chemistry of zircon from peraluminous granites
    Variscan silicic magmatism and related tin-tungsten mineralization in the Erzgebirge-Slavkovský les metamollgenic province
    The western Erzgebirge-Vogtland granites: implications to the Hercynian magmatism in the Erzgebirge-Fichtelgebirge anticlinorium
    The Zinnwald greisen deposit related to post-collisional A-type silicic magmatism in the Variscan Eastern Erzgebirge/Krušné hory