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    Farkaš, Juraj
Author of Monograph
    Metodika separace chromu (Cr) a stanovení jeho izotopových poměrů na multikolektorovém hmotnostním spektrometru MC ICP MS
Author of Article
    50 years of different landscape management influencing retention of metals in soils
    Calcium isotope constraints on the uptake and sources of Ca2+ in a base-poor forest: A new concept of combining stable (d44/42Ca) and radiogenic (eCa) signals
    Chemical Characteristics of Sediments and Seawater
    Chromium isotope variations (?53/52Cr) in mantle-derived sources and their weathering products: Implications for environmental studies and the evolution of ?53/52Cr in the Earth's mantle over geologic time
    Incubation of air-pollution-control residues from secondary Pb smelter in deciduous and coniferous organic soil horizons: Leachability of lead, cadmium and zinc
    Stable calcium isotopic compositions of Hawaiian shield lavas: Evidence for recycling of ancient marine carbonates into the mantle