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    Gallien, Jean
Author of Article
    Alkaline hydrothermalism in S-, rare metal and P-rich black shales
    Biogenic and abiogenic hydrothermal sulfides: controls of rare metal distribution in black shales (Yukon Territories, Canada)
    Biogenic origin of intergrown Mo-sulphide- and carbonaceous matter in Lower Cambrian black shales (Zunyi Formation, Southern China)
    Nitrogen and carbon partitioning in diagenetic and hydrothermal minerals from Paleozoic Black Shales, (Selwyn Basin, Yukon Territories, Canada)
    Nitrogen in biogenic and abiogenic minerals from Paleozoic black shales: an NRA study
    Origin of MoSC phases in lower Cambrian black shales (Southern China)
    Se, As, Mo, Ag, Cd, In, Sb, Pt, Au, Tl, Re traces in biogenic and abiogenic sulfides from Black Shales (Selwyn Basin, Yukon Territories, Canada): A nuclear microprobe study
    Se, As, Mo, Pt, Au, Cd traces in framboidal pyrite, Ni-Fe and Zn-sulfides from Ni-Zn-Mo-PGE rich sulfide layers (Nick Property, Yukon, Canada): preliminary nuclear microprobe results
    Trace metals, nitrogen and carbon distribution in Mo-S-C phases, pyrite and Ni-Fe sulphides (Mo-Ni-rich lower Cambrian black shales, South China)