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    Gregor, Jiří
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    Carbon-Carbon Composite Bone Plates, Part 1 - Reinforcement
    The comparison of different reinforcement of C/C composite as a bone plate
    Corrosion of carbon-epoxy resin (C/E) and carbon-carbon (C/C) composites
    Low-cost pitch-based CFRC
    Mechanical Properties of Resin-Based Carbon-Carbon Composites Modified with Needle Coke
    Preparation of flexible graphite from czech natural graphite
    Preparation of flexible graphite from Czech natural graphite
    Some in - vitro biocompatibility tests of carbon-carbon composites and preparation of bone plates
    A study of surface properties of composite materials and their influence on the biocompatibility
    Teoretické základy nového způsobu přípravy kompozitů typu uhlík-uhlík
    Theoretical basis of a new way preparation of composites of the carbon-carbon type