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    Havlíček, Vladimír
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    60 let RNDr. Ivo Chlupáče - malé zamyšlení nad velkým dílem
    Brachiopods and trilobites of the Chýnice Limestone (Emsian) at Bubovice (Čeřinka hillside; Prague Basin)
    Climatic changes and development of benthic communities through the Mediterranean Ordovician
    Davidsonia (Brachiopoda, Middle Devonian) in Moravia and its peculiar characters
    Discovery of the fossiliferous Middle Berounian Vinice Formation at Cekov (Ordovician, western part of the Prague Basin)
    Dobrotivian/Berounian boundary interval in the Prague Basin with a special emphasis on the deepest part of the trough (Ordovician, Czech Republic)
    Floating algae of the genus Krejciella as probable hosts of epiplanktic organisms (Dobrotivá Series, Ordovician; Prague basin)
    Genus concept in the Aegiromeninae and Leptellininae (Plectambonitacea, Brachiopoda)
    Immigration of the Rhenish-type and Austrian brachiopod stocks into the Prague Basin (Central Bohemia) in the lowest Emsian (Lower Devonian)
    Inarticulate Brachiopods in the Lower Ordovician of the Montagne Noire (South France)
    Kosovian inarticulate brachiopods and their ancestors (Late Ordovician, Prague Basin)
    Kvania n.g. and Petrocrania Raymond (Brachiopoda, Ordovician) in the Prague Basin
    Lochkovian brachiopods of the Prague Basin (Lower Devonian, Czech Republic)
    Lower Devonian brachiopods at Petrovice (Drahany Upland, Moravia)
    Mediterranean and Malvinokaffric Provinces: new data on the Upper Ordovician and Lower Silurian brachiopods
    New data on the distribution of brachiopods in the Motol and lowest Kopanina Formations (Wenlock, lower Ludlow, Prague Basin, Bohemia)
    New Lower Devonian (Lochkovian-Zlíchovian) rhynchonellid brachiopods in the Prague Basin
    New Lower Devonian (Pragian) rhynchonellid brachiopods in the Koněprusy area (Czechoslovakia)
    New Silurian and Devonian Strophomenidina (Brachiopoda) in Bohemia
    Notes of validity of several Silurian and Lower Devonian genera of Atrypida (Brachiopoda) in the Prague Basin, Czech Republic
    Ordovician invertebrate communities in black-shale lithofacies (Prague basin, Czechoslovakia)
    Ordovician of the Prague Basin (Barrandian area, Czechoslovakia)
    Ordovický vulkanismus
    Perunica microcontinent in the Ordovician (its position within the Mediterranean Province, series division, benthic and pelagic associations)
    Perunica microplate: relation to Ukrainian Shield, mid-Bohemian rift, and hypothetic large-scale overthrusts in central Bohemia
    Pragian brachiopods, trilobites, and principal biofacies in the Prague Basin (Lower Devonian, Bohemia)
    Rafanoglossella n.gen. and Plectoglossa Cooper (Glossellinae, Brachiopoda) in the Upper Ordovician of the Prague Basin
    Review of brachiopods in the Chapel Coral Horizon (Zlíchov Formation, lower Emsian, Lower Devonian, Prague Basin)
    Sedimentology, benthic communities, and brachiopods in the Suchomasty (Dalejan) and Acanthopyge (Eifelian) Limestones of the Koněprusy area (Czechoslovakia)
    Silurian and Lochkovian communities in the Prague basin (Barrandian area, Czech Republic)
    Silurian brachiopods and benthic communities in the Prague Basin (Czechoslovakia)
    Starší paleozoikum
    Storm sandstones and benthic fauna in the Zahořany Formation in Prague (Upper Ordovician, Czechoslovakia)
    Tektonika staršího paleozoika
    Two new Devonian chonetide brachiopods in the Prague
    The Upper Devonian and Lower carboniferous in north-eastern Bohemia (based on boreholes in the Hradec Králové area)