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    Hibsch 2002 Symposium (03.06.2002-08.06.2002 : Teplá near Třebenice, Ústí nad Labem, Mariánské Lázně, Česká republika)
Conference for Monograph
    Hibsch 2002 Symposium. Excursion Guide,and Abstracts
Conference for Article
    Age Relations and Geochemical Constraints of Cenozoic Alkaline Volcanic Series in W Bohemia: A Review
    Cenozoic alkaline volcanic series in W Bohemia: Age relations and geochemical constraints
    Contribution to the petrography of porcellanites in the North Bohemian Brown Coal Basin, locality Dobrčice in the Most area
    Dyke Swarm Pattern and Tectonics in the České Středohoří Mts. Volcanic Centre, Ohře (Eger) Rift, Central Europe (Starting Points for Further Research)
    Faulted margins of the Eger Graben - Contrasting histories
    Felix Cornu (1882-1909): Staggering Career of a Mineralogist, the Founder of Colloidal Chemistry in Geology
    Magmatic history of the Altenberg-Teplice caldera in the aspect of Th-U data
    A multidisciplinary study of the locality Dětaň (Oligocene, Doupovské hory Mts. - volcanic complex, Czech Republic
    North Bohemian Porcellanites and their Mineral Composition: the Case of the Dobrčice Quarry, the Most Basin
    Paragenetic study of autohydrothermal mineralization in amygdaloidal volcanic rocks from Dobranka and Kočičí Hlava Hill, České středohoří Mts
    Prof. J. E. Hibsch (1852-1940) - a leading European geologist of his time
    Stop Fri/3:Dětaň
    A Study of the Dětaň Locality (Oligocene, Doupovské hory Mts. Volcanic Complex, Czech Republic): Collection of Field Data and Starting Points for Interpretation
    Tectonic controls on the emplacement of the dyke swarm in the volcanic centre of the České středohoří Mts., Bohemia (Preliminary report on a running research)
    Volcanosedimentary Complex of the České Středohoří and Doupovské Hory Mts. in Palynological Record
    Volcanosedimentary complex of the České středohoří Mts. and Doupovské hory Mts. in palynological record
    Zpráva o konání Sympozia HIBSCH 2002