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    Hirt, A. M.
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    Combined neutron texture and magnetic analyses on "undeformed" clays: The origin of tectonic lineations in extensional basins
    Evidence for non-coaxiality of ferrimagnetic and paramagnetic fabrics, developed during magma flow and cooling in a thick mafic dyke
    importance of the AMS analysis for reconstructing the tectonic history in weakly deformed sediments
    The magnetic fabric in undeformed clays: AMS and neutron texture analyses from the Rif Chain (Morocco)
    Magnetic fabric variations in Mesozoic black shales, Northern Siberia, Russia: Possible paleomagnetic implications
    Normal and Inverse Magnetic Fabrics in Mesozoic Black Shales, Northern Siberia, Russia: Siderite Controlled?
    The origin of tectonic lineation in extensional basins: Combined neutron texture and magnetic analyses on "undeformed" clays
    The role of paramagnetic minerals in clay sediments magnetic anisotropy: correlation between magnetic fabric and chlorite preferred orientation