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    Hopgood, A. M.
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    40Ar/39Ar isotopic evidence for mid-Devonian post-metamorphic pegmatite emplacement in the Mariánské Lázně Complex, Bohemian Massif, Central European Hercynides
    Application of deformational sequence to discrimination of tectonic domain and elucidation of geological history in crystalline rocks of the Central Hercynides, western Czechoslovakia
    Application of structural succession to characterization of the Bohemian Forest tectonic domain and elucidation of geological history in the Central European Hercynides, western Czech Republic
    Chronology of Early Carboniferous compressional and extensional events in the Saxothuringian Zone of the Bohemian Massif in the Czech Republic from integraded geochronological and deformational sequence studies
    Constraints on the timing of events in the multiepisodic history of the Teplá-Barrandian complex, western Bohemia, from integration of deformational sequence and Rb-Sr isotopic data
    Discrimination of tectonic regimes in the Domažlice-Teplá-Mariánské Lázně region of the Bohemian Massif using structural criteria
    Early Carboniferous Rb-Sr mica - whole-rock ages of phases of medium- and low-pressure metamorphism in the saxothuringian zone, western Bohemia
    Structural succession and tectonic history of the Gneiss-Amphibolite-Granulite-Mantel peridotite association near the eastern margin of the Moldanubien zone, central european Hercynides
    Structural succession and tectonic history of the Mariánské Lázně complex Central European hercynides, Western Czechoslovakia
    Structural succession at Vysoký kámen in the Czech part of the southern Fichtelgebirge tectonic domain of the Central European Hercynides
    Structural successions in the Saxothuringian zone of the Hercynian orogenic belt: a basis for a model of geotectonic evolution