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    Isaacson, Peter E.
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    Affinities of Late Devonian Acritarchs from the Madre de Díos Basin, Northern Bolivia: Evidence for Plate Tectonic Interaction between Eastern Laurentia and Western Gondwana?
    Late Devonian-earliest Mississippian glaciation in Gondwanaland and its biogeographic consequences
    Late Devonian (Famennian) Glaciation in South America and Marine Offlap on other Continents
    Late Devonian (Famennian) Glaciation in Western Gondwana: Evidence from the Central Andes
    Late Famennian Phytogeographic Provincialism: Evidence for a Limited Separation of Gondwana and Laurentia
    Palynology of the Devonian (Lochkovian to Tournaisian) sequence, Madre de Díos Basin, northern Bolívia
    Significance of Amphipora floatstones within the Lažánky Limestone (Late Givetian), Moravian Karst