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    Janoušek, Vojtěch, 1968-
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    Calculations and plotting in igneous geochemistry: Corvée abolished at last! (GCDKIT 2.00 released)
    Cambrian in the Netvořice-Neveklov Metamorphic Islet (Roof of the Central Bohemian Pluton)
    Central Bohemian Pluton
    Comment on the article "Typology and origin of granite in the Cornubian and the Krušné hory-Smrčiny batholiths "by G.S. Rajpoot and J. Klomínský
    Cryptic trace-element variation as an indicator of reverse zoning in a granitic pluton: the Říčany granite, Czech Republic
    Deciphering the petrogenesis of deeply buried granites: whole-rock geochemical constraints on the origin of largely undepleted felsic granulited from the Moldanubian Zone of the Bohemian Massif
    Discussion of the article "Indirect method for the age determination of Variscan pluton emplacement in the central part of the Bohemian Massif" by Jaroslav Dvořák
    Felsic granulites from the Gföhl Unit (Austria and Czech Republic): metamorphosed pre-Variscan metagranites or Visean high-pressure melts?
    The generation and emplacement of the reversely-zoned Říčany granitoid intrusion in the Hercynian Central Bohemian Pluton, Czech Republic
    Genetic significance of phosphorus in fractionated granites: Editorial
    Geochemical and Sr-Nd isotopic constraints on the genesis of ultrapotassic plutonic rocks from the Moldanubian zone of the Bohemian Massif
    Geochemical Data Toolkit (GCDkit): a Key for Magmatic Geochemists to theTreasury of Data Analysis, Statistics and Graphic in R
    Geochemie a petrogeneze klatovského a kozlovického granodioritu - jz část středočeského plutonického komplexu (21-24 Klatovy)
    Geochemistry and mineralogy of Platinum-group elements in the Ransko gabbro-peridotite massif, Bohemian Massif (Czech Republic)
    Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of Granulites in the Lišov Granulite Massif, Moldanubian Zone in Southern Bohemia
    Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of the Klatovy Granodiorite, SW Part of the Central Bohemian Pluton
    Geochronology of Mid-Devonian Clastic Sediments in the Barrandian, Bohemian Massif
    Interplay between Assimilation, Fractional Crystallization and Magma Mixing - the Story of the high-K calc-alkaline Kozárovice Intrusion, Central Bohemian Pluton
    Interpretation of whole-rock geochemical data in igneous geochemistry : introducing Geochemical Data Toolkit (GCDkit)
    Izotopová geochemie a geochronologie skarnu ze Slatiny (24-33 Moravský Krumlov)
    Izotopy stroncia a neodymu v amfibolech pestré skupiny moldanubika v okolí Chýnova (23-13 Tábor)
    Izotopy stroncia a neodymu v amfibolitech pestré skupiny moldanubika v okolí Chýnova
    K-rich Magmatism in the Moldanubian Unit, Bohemian Massif - a Complex Story Featuring Variably Enriched Lithospheric Mantle Melts and their Interaction with the Crust
    Látkové a izotopické složení krystalických vápenců z oblasti dolu Václav v Bližné u Černé v Pošumaví
    Leopold-von-Buch-Plakette awarded to Dr. Stanislav Vrána
    Low-pressure granulites of the Lišov Massif, southern Bohemia: Viséan metamorphism of Late Devonian plutonic arc rocks
    Mafic granulites of the Lišov Massif, Southern Bohemia: relics of a late Devonian magmatic arc?
    Mafic-intermediate granulites of the Lisov Masif, Southern Bohemia: middle crustal relics of a Late Devonian magmatic arc?
    Mafic-intermediate granulites of the Lisov Massif, Southern Bohemia: middle-crustal relics of a Late Devonian magmatic arc?
    Magma-mixing in the genesis of Hercynian calc-alkaline granitoids: an integrated petrographic and geochemical study of the Sázava intrusion, Central Bohemian Pluton, Czech Republic
    Magmatic history of granite-derived mylonites from the southern Desná Unit (Silesicum, Czech Republic)
    Microstructural and mineralogical evidence for limited involvement of magma mixing in the petrogenesis of a Hercynian high-K calc-alkaline intrusion: the Kozárovice granodiorite, Central Bohemian Pluton, Czech Republic
    Microtextural and geochemical evidence for magma hybridization in the genesis of calc-alkaline granitoids
    Modelling Diverse Processes in the Petrogenesis of a Composite Batholith: the Central Bohemian Pluton, Central European Hercynides
    Moldanubian granulites
    NORMAN, a QuickBasic programme for petrochemical re-calculation of whole-rock major-element analyses on IBM PC
    NORMAN: Program pro petrografické a normativní přepočty analýz hlavních prvků na IBM PC
    Ordovická metamorfóza v moldanubiku: geochronologický výzkum granulitů masivu Blanského lesa metodami Rb-Sr a Sm-Nd (32-21 Prachatice)
    Petrogenesis of the south Bohemian granulites: The importance of crystal-melt relationships
    Petrologie a geochemie štěpánovické žíly pyroxen-biotitického křemenného monzodioritu (32-22 České Budějovice)
    Petrology, geochemical character and petrogenesis of a Variscan post-orogenic granite: case study from the Ševětín Massif, Moldanubian Batholith, Southern Bohemia
    Petrology, Geochemistry and Paleotectonic Setting of Metavolcanic Rocks at the Teplá-Barrandian - Moldanubian Boundary: Evidence from the NE Part of the Islet Zone, Central Bohemian Pluton
    Petrology, Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of a Post-Orogenic Variscan Granite: Ševětín Massif, Moldanubian Batholith
    Preface - special issue: International Workshop on Petrogenesis of Granulites and Related Rocks, Náměšt' nad Oslavou, Czech Republic, October 1-3, 2004
    R - an Alternative to Spreadsheets and Special Software for Geochemical Calculations and Plotting
    Relics of a late Devonian magmatic arc in the Moldanubian Zone
    Rhyolite Related to Panafrican Granite in the Brno Massif (Czech Republic)
    Rhyolite related to Panafrican granite in the eastern part of the Bohemian Massif (Czech Republic)
    The role of magma mixing in the petrogenesis of a Hercynian high-calc-alkaline intrusion: the Kozárovice granodiorite, Central Bohemian pluton, Czech Republic
    Saturnin, R language script for application of accesory-mineral saturation models in igneous geochemistry
    Skarns of the Bohemian Massif: origin in closed or open systems?
    The Sr-Nd isotope geochemistry of the Central Bohemian Pluton, Czech Republic
    Sr-Nd isotopic constraints on the petrogenesis of the Central Bohemian Pluton, Czech Republic
    Stop 1. Lamberk: felsic granulites and medieval robbers
    Strontium Chemostratigraphy of Carbonate Sediments - Pilot Study of Silurian and Devonian Brachiopods from the Prague Basin
    Timing the magmatic activity within the Central Bohemian Pluton, Czech Republic: Conventional U-Pb ages for the Sázava and Tábor intrusions and their geotectonic significance
    Two distinct mantle sources of Hercynian magmas intruding the Moldanubian unit, Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic
    The underground gas storage near Příbram - a source of new information about granitoids of the Central Bohemian Pluton
    Upper Proterozoic event in Moldanubian granulites from Blanský les, Czech Republic: Sm-Nd isotopic evidence
    Whole-rock geochemical and mineralogical constraints on the genesis of the metaigneous Variscan lower crust in Central Europe - case study of the Lišov granulite Massif, Southern Bohemia
    Whole-rock geochemistry and genesis of the granulites from the Gföhl Unit (Moldanubian Zone of the Bohemian Massif, Austria and Czech Republic)
    Whole-Rock Geochemistry and Nd Isotopic Composition of Metavolcanics from the Netvořice-Neveklov and Sedlčany-Krásná Hora Islets: their Petrogenesis and Implications for Geodynamics Processes at the Teplá-Barrandian-Moldanubian boundary
    Whole rock geochemistry and petrogenesis of granites from the northern part of the Moldanubian Batholith (Czech Republic)
    Whole-rock geochemistry of felsic granulites from the Gföhl Unit (Moldanubian Zone, Austria and Czech Republic): petrogenetic implications