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    Ježek, J.
Author of Article
    Geochemistry of Fe-rich peridotites and associated pyroxenites from Horní Bory, Bohemian Massif: insights into subduction-related melt-rock reactions
    Magnetic fabric and rheology of co-mingled magmas in the Nasavrky Plutonic Complex (E Bohemia): implication for intrusive strain regime and emplacement mechanism
    Model of successive granite sheet emplacement in transtensional setting: Integrated microstructural and anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility study
    Modified Jeffery model: Influence of particle concentration on mineral fabric in moderately concentrated suspensions
    Movement of rigid inclusions in viscous fluids: results, problems and perspectives of numerical modelling
    Noncoaxial K-feldspar and AMS subfabrics in the Land's End granite, Cornwall: Evidence of magmatic fabric decoupling during late deformation and matrix crystallization
    Out-of-phase magnetic susceptibility of rocks and soils: a rapid tool for magnetic granulometry
    Spheroidal vs. triaxial magnetic particles in ams to stratin relationship models: virtually no difference
    Structural and anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility records of granitoid sheets emplacement during growth of a continental gneiss dome (Central Sudetes, European Variscan Belt)
    What does AMS tell us about emplacement of granites: Comparative K-feldspar and AMS fabric study